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Can I direct my contribution to a specific sport?

Yes, you can select the sport you wish to contribute to or contribute to all sports.

Is 1WYO affiliated with the University of Wyoming?

No, 1WYO has no official affiliation with the University of Wyoming. We are a third party created to work adjacent to the University in order to maximize community impact and support Wyoming athletes.

Are my contributions tax deductible?

1WYO has applied for 501(c)(3) status with the IRS. If the status is approved, then donations will be tax deductible. Currently, the IRS has questioned the tax deductible status of contributions to NIL collectives. 

Are contracts with athletes exclusive?

No, contracts are not exclusive. We want all Wyoming student-athletes to thrive under NIL and take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way

Can I pause, cancel, or change my contribution?

Yes, donations can be managed via donors online accounts and paused or amended at any time. Donors can also email us at 1wyo@1wyo.org and we will be happy to assist with the process.

Can I specify a charity or athlete?

On the donation page you can share your interests for charitable causes with us. If you are interested in an individual athlete, deal, or charity, please contact us directly at 1wyo@1wyo.org

How do you use my contribution?

1WYO keeps operating costs to a minimum. That being said, expenses will be incurred to ensure the organization functions properly and efficiently. Our board will strive to maximize your donations impact on strengthening, promoting, and otherwise supporting our charitable partners.

Will every athlete receive the same amount in a deal?

No, each opportunity is individually negotiated and agreed upon by the athlete and 1WYO.

Are there any limitations on NIL deals?

There are many NCAA and legal limitations on NIL deals. Please feel free to reach out to the us at 1wyo@1wyo.org with specific questions or for more information.

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